You are developing a new product but need some help in coordination and follow-up ? You want to better articulate the concept or features of your new product ? You want an evaluation of your product portfolio ? You want to develop or re-evaluate your GoToMarket strategy ?

Innovco can be your product marketing specialist.


Product Marketing


Innovco can help to get your action plan right in every area of product marketing & product development


30 years of experience.

Experience in multi-national organizations as well as in small start-ups. We can consult in Product & Service innovation. All areas in the Product or Service life cycle : Concept & Strategy, Definition, Product & Service Development, GoToMarket, Product & Portfolio Performance.

Innovco can be your product marketing specialist.


Execution is key.

Not every situation is the same, but the process we take is always a process of “discover, define, develop & deliver”. Regardless of the history of the projects before our clients find us. We can assist in interim management, project management or by taking over the delivery itself.

Innovco is committed to assist you to deliver your products to the market.


More than having a good product.

Technological innovation often goes along with transformation of processes like workflow changes for people, a new sales approach, new support processes, … To bring this to a good end special skills are required like an open attitude and a different thinking.

Innovco helps you think, act and organize ‘out of the box’ when needed.

Our Experience

Innovco can bring consultancy & hands-on experience for technological products & services.



Satellite networks
Home networks
LPWAN networks

Software Development

Front End
Back End
Mobile Apps

Data Analytics

Power BI

Embedded Devices - IoT

Low Power solutions
Hardware & Firmware
Innovco Low Power ILP
Low Power GPS Tracker

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